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Manila 3d For QVGA Device

After testing Manila 2d On my MDA, I was finding a way to test Manila 3D on my Device. Developers tried to import Manila 3D ( TouchFlo 3D ) on Qvga Device. It worked on Qvga device. Developers released First public release of Touchflo 3D for Qvga Device. They also confirmed that Its working on KS20, POLARIS, NIKE, KAISER Devices. You Requires OpenGL ES driver installed in your QVGA Device.

When i saw that i was like wow.. It Works. Now its Slow but works well in Faster QVGA Device. I am waiting for updated version. I saw Two Youtube videos on the Beta release. Soft resets will be needed often while it is enabled. Here is one of the youtube video.

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