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Adsense Click Exchange Network ??

Did you heard about hitzila ? I was browsing around and found hitzila. Now you are thinking whats is hitzila ?

And You won’t believe what i found.. some people are cheating Adsense using hitzila. And i was shocked. Here is the web page i found: Hitzila

But i can’t trust this post. Here what it says in English. Is it true? I think I am wrong. If its wrong the Hitzila owner should report about this post.

For those who do not know it is a site of exchange of clicks Google Adsense, adsense is the system of pub of google, one of most known and famous for its strong rate of incomes.

For you to register there create a blog at googlepages preferably (is necessary to put a little text hein ^^) and go by: https://www.google.com/adsense/

Hitzila, therefore proposes to you to click 11 times per day on pubs adsenses in exchange of what you will have in return 11 clicks on your own pubs adsense!
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