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Windows Mobile Settings for Aktel and Grameen Phone Internet

One of my blog readers from Bangladesh requested me to write tips about how to setup Aktel and Grameen Phone Internet providers on windows mobile Pocket pc.  There is an easy way to setup those operators in an easy way… I am adding both operator setting bellow.

For Aktel GPRS/ Internet :

Follow the manual instructions listed below to set up your phone for Internet.

1. Press “Start“.
2. Scroll to and select “Settings“.
3. Select the “Connections” tab and press “Connections“.
4. Press “Add a new modem connection” in the top section  and type in the name of the connection AKTEL-INTERNET.
5. In the drop down list of Select a modem:, scroll to and select “Cellular Line (GPRS)“.
6. Press “Next” and type in internet.
7. Press “Next“. Select “Finsh“.
8. Make sure AKTEL-INTERNET is selected.
9. Press “OK”. Your phone has been configured.

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