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How to Use Google Cache to View Sites Without registration

Using Google Cache for bypassing registration is an old trick. One of my user reader  named Noel asked me to,” How to bypass views limitation process while viewing forums or sites ?” Some forums have page views limitation. You might see a message showing…. It appears that you’ve exceeded the maximum number of posts you can view .. bla bla..

google cache hack

Page views limitation

So I am sharing this old Google cache Hack to bypass forum registration.

1. At first Download and install Mozilla Firefox Browser from here http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ If you are using Firefox then go to second step.
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Add Pirvacy Policy on your Adsense optimized Sites

Recently Google E-mailed Google Adsense publishers to update Privacy Policy on their sites. I saw that most of the Adsense publishers don’t have Privacy Policy on their sites. Some adsense publisher told that you might get a ban from Adsense for not adding Privacy Policy Page on your Site or Blog. Google  said :

Please ensure that your site’s privacy policies are up-to-date and make any necessary changes by April 8, 2009.

In this post i am going to add some plugins and website link for privacy policy…

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Trick to Get PR4 Backlinks for free

This is a simple trick to find PR4 pages. One of my friend shared this trick with me. It a way to get links from Digg. At first go to digg.com. Then pages that are older than 365 days. There you will get lots of high page rank pages Digg. Old pages and some new pages has high page rank on Google. Find your post related pages. Then check page ranks using online page rank checker. Now make a comment and post your URL on those pages . Your link is now on a high page rank page for free. Search around and keep looking.. you will find some pages that are really really high page rank such as pr8, Pr7. Here are the steps to get PR4 Backlinks from digg with Example link:

1. Go to digg.com. If you have a Digg account login to Digg or Signup for new account from Digg.
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