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Which WordPress Plugins NOT to USE!!!

Today i was browsing around and found a post on DP (Digitalpoint forum) about Which WordPress Plugins NOT to USE!!!  Dp member godsofchaos his opinion about that. So always think before adding a Plugin

Let us help each other out. we all have bad experiences with plugins. some with this one and the others with that one… know what I mean… I lately found out what plugins you should not use if you want to have a blog with relatively moderate/high traffic.

Number one wordpress villain is the Global Translator plugin

Number two is the Lancelhoff wordpress translator plugin.

Both will kill your MySQL server by sending pings after pings after pings…. and your host will definitely kick ya out if you are on a shared environment. The translator plugins maximizes the load on MySQL significantly, and if you use Global Translator without the cache feature, its a matter of days of getting suspended for CPU usage for sure.

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