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How to Get Related Ads From Adsense

Did you ever noticed that a computer blog or site with recipe ads or dating ads!! that’s a funny right. Think that if you wrote an article for something and you get ads other than that. Then the chances of earning from those is little. But you can use some little tricks to get related ads on your post. At first try to add some popular related keyword for that article. Then use those keyword to keywords on your article. Do you know how to get popular related keyword? If you don’t, read here to findout how to get popular related keyword. After using those popular keyword on the article use adsense section targeting for your ads. Most of the adsense publishers know this little trick to improve adsense revenue. All you have to do is add two code on your blog or article page. Section targeting will allows you to get matching ads to your site’s.
Go to your blog or article page and add this code after body tag.

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

Here is an Example

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

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