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How to use Game Trainers

Do you know what is game trainer? Most of the Gamers know about Game trainers. Game trainers are programs made to modify behavior of a computer game. If a game is hard and you want to cheat the game Then you need cheat code for that game to enable unlimited health, unlimited ammo etc. If there is no cheat code included for that game so what can you do??

How to find a game trainers: You can use game trainers for cheating  the game.  Search in google for your game trainer. you may find some trainers for your game. For example if you are looking trainer for Game Halo Just search in Google Halo  Trainer you will find a lot of them. Download and read the instruction Inside.

Before you start using any of these Trainers be sure to do the following…

1. Read the DISCLAIMER and then download the Trainer

2. Then Unzip it to the game directory and read the the text file that explains how to use the Trainer Follow the exact directions given in the text file. Almost always the Trainer works if the versions match.
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