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How to get Technorati Authority Quickly

Social Bookmark generated some good web traffic for my blog. I wrote about that  Here: Social Bookmark Traffic.  Now i was thinking of getting some Technorati authority for my Blog.Technorati Authority explains what other bloggers wrote about your blog. And you will get some good traffic from other blog if you get a good review.  I had no idea where to start. I was thinking and searching an easy way .. I got only this Ideas. Plz Suggest your ideas if any..

My Ideas to get Technorati authority quickly:

1. Search in google and find some blogs that publish review of other Blogs. Then Ask the author to review you site. And get free Technorati Authority for your Blog.

2. Everyday find 1-2 blog from Search engine Using keywords like submit tips blog, post your tips here Etc. Then submit your article post or tips To the website. But Don’t forget to link your blog inside the article.

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