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Sitemeter Error Vs Internet Explorer

Sitemeter is a popular real time website tracking and counter tool. It shows info and detailed reports about Visitors on websites/blogs. Recently sitemeter updated their tracking code. Any site using Sitemeter give an error to IE users.

Here is the errror Message:

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site (Name of the site here)
Operation aborted

In Google I saw a lots of search related to this error like internet explorer cannot open the internet site, internet explorer cannot open the site, internet explorer cannot open the site operation aborted, internet explorer cannot open, internet explorer operation aborted Etc

So if you are using sitemeter inform your readers about this. There are three ways to get ride of this problem. Here is the fix:

1. Tell them to switch from IE (Internet Explorer ) to other browsers.  Tell them to Use Firefox Safari Browsers. Download Firefox Here

2. Remove Sitemetere Tracking code from your website/Blog. Then ask the Readers to clear their Browser’s Cache and reload your website / Blog.

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Fixing Missing dll error With Video Tutorial

Have you ever received a pop-up saying: Couldn’t find *****.dll file ? you will find the most common files that may be missing or corrupted on your computer.I searched through Google and found a lot of tutorial to fix This problem. Some websites / blogs Explained this in details.

Here is some websites where you can Find How to fix Missing dll error Problem:

Solution from website Tech-pro can be found here

And How to Diagnose and repair Dll Errors from pcperformancetools Here

Here is a Video Tutorial I found to fix Dll Errors. watch the video Here:

[revver 603996]

Now the question is where you can download missing Dll files. The answer is simple Just go to


Search your dll name there and download.

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Corrupted System File And tips to recover it.

If a system file is corrupted, restore it from the Windows CD. Search the CD for the filename, replacing the last character with an underscore,
for example, Notepad.ex_.
If it’s found, open a command prompt and enter the command EXPAND, followed by the full pathname of the file and of the desired destination: EXPAND D:\SETUP\NOTEPAD.EX_ C:\Windows\NOTEPAD.EXE. If either pathname contains any spaces, surround it with double quotes.

If the file isn’t found, search on the unmodified filename. It will probably be inside a CAB file, which Win XP treats as a folder. Simply right-drag and copy the file to the desired location. In other Windows platforms, search for a file matching *.cab that contains the filename. When the search is done, open a command prompt and enter EXTRACT /L followed by the desired location, the full pathname of the CAB file, and the desired filename; for example: EXTRACT /L C:\Windows D:\I386\Driver.cab Notepad.exe. Again, if the destination or CAB file pathname contains spaces, surround it with double quotes.

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