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MySQL Beginners Tutorial Introduction Part 1

Hello everyone!! today i am going to start a Mysql Beginners tutorial. In this tutorial, I will cover topics such as What is a database, What is Database table , What is SQL and Why do we use SQL?

1. What is a database and Database Management Systems?

Database is collection of organized information or data that can  easily be accessed managed and updated whenever is needed.

Database Management System (DBMS) is a system software There are many kinds of database management systems out there. Here are some example of popular Database Manage systems :
a. SQL
b. Sybase
c. Oracle
d. Microsoft Access
e. DB2

Database Management systems can be classified according to its structure. such as
a. Relational database :-In Relational Database Management systems(RDBMSs) database data are defined in such ways that it can be reorganized and accessed in a number of different ways. This kind of Database Management systems stores data in tables which has relationships to other tables.
b. Object oriented programming database :- In this database management system, the data is defined as object classes and sub classes.
c. Distributed database :- In this database management system, distributed database can be dispersed or replicated among different point in a network.

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