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Get Rid Of Thumbs.db

There’s a file called Thumbs.db in almost every one of the folders on my computer. What is it and how do I get rid of it?

Thumbs.db is a system file generated automatically by Windows XP when you view the contents of a folder in “Thumbnail” or “Filmstrip” view. Thumbs.db contains a copy of each of the tiny preview images generated for image files in that folder so that they load up quickly the next time you browse that folder. Thumbs.db also stores your settings with regard to thumbnail and filmstrip view.

Despite the fact that Thumbs.db is a hidden system file, it annoys people because it tends to show up in places where it’s not wanted. Many times you’ll try to zip up a folder full of images and e-mail them to a friend or upload them to an FTP site, and Thumbs.db goes along for the ride.

To stop your computer from generating and regenerating future Thumbs.db files, do the following:

If you’re on the desktop…
Click Start
Double-click Control Panel
Double-click Folder Options
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Open CD-rom Tray Manually

sometimes CD-rom or DVD Rom door won’t open.If you want to Open CD-rom or DVD Rom Tray Manually then you can apply this simple tricks.

1. At first you need to get a needle / paper clip.
2. Then find a small hole on the front of the Cd-Rom. I attached a picture here:

3. Insert the needle / paper clip in the whole and push. You r done.

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Changing Default path For Installing Apps

you can change the default installation drive and/ or directory by using a Registry hack.

Go to:

1.Start > Run

Type regedit
Go to this directory…

3. Look for the value named ProgramFilesDir. by default,this value will be C:\Program Files. Edit the value to any valid drive or folder and XP will use that new location as the default installation directory for new programs.

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