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How to add random featured post in wordpress

Do you  show random featured post on your Blog Home page or on your post? If you don’t the here is a reason why you should show random post on your blog. I was looking way to add random post in my blog.  Cause i wanted to show featured post to my blog readers. They can find about the tips and tutorials i wrote before in my blog. By doing this i got some more activity in my old Posts. It also helped me to get some more page views and extra visitors. I have a random post on my home page to show my old post to my blog readers.Here is the benefits to use random featured post:

1. If you get a lot of hits on your blog then you can rank high on search engines. If you get a high rank you can easily get lot of hits from Search engines.

2. You can show your Random post to readers.That means you get a chance to show your skills and  Products to your blog readers.

3. You can earn some Extra activity’s on your blog. If you run PPC Advertisement on your blog, More Hits and Activity Can earn Some revenue from PPC Advertisement.
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