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Spicy trick to get more from adsense and affiliate programs

Few days ago I shared a trick about Google hot trends to get some quick traffic on a blog or website on my web traffic plan. If you don’t know about Google trends, consider reading that topics about Google trends and web traffic. Recently one of my blog readers emailed me to ask a quick way to earn money online. I am not an expert but today I am going to share a trick to boost online money earning using Google trends. I saw that this trick is one of the hottest earning methods from adsense and affiliate link. Because popular keyword and popular product related talks can bring more traffic plus revenue from a Blog. You can use this method one of your test blog to see how fast you can earn from online or from any pay per click program like adsense. I believe this can help you to earn some quick revenue from ppc.
Before you start I need to remind you one little bad side. The bad side is this trick may take some time if you are starting a new blog. Your blog need to be indexed on the search engine at first. Until then you can’t earn from adsense without any traffic on your site. Hopefully Google will index your site quickly if you use Google trends. Check the free requirements for this plan and follow the steps to start your own fast money earning blog:
Free requirements checklist for this method
1. A free account with Blogger blog
2. Adsense and affiliate accounts which will make us money
3. A good browser and a good word processor

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How To Use Articles To Build Your Affiliate Program

Articles are the perfect promotional tool for your affiliates – they bring in more sales than banners, book covers, and ezine ads. Your affiliates can post them on their website, use them in their newsletter, or turn them into a free eBook.
One the easiest ways to build your affiliate program is to offer your articles as a zip file and allow people to replace the link in the resource box with their affiliate link.
Here is how to do it:
1. Copy all your articles as text files, formatted to 60 characters-per-line, to a single folder on your hard disk.
2. Create another text file in the same folder called ‘index of articles’ which lists each article by title and file name.
3. In the ‘index of articles’ write a brief message explaining how to join your affiliate program and how to customize the affiliate link in the resource box.
You can see an example of this at: http://www.ezine-writer.com/michael-southon-articles.zip” http://www.ezine-writer.com/michael-southon-articles.zip
Then just zip your ‘articles’ folder using WinZip. WinZip is free and can be downloaded from: www.winzip.com/download.htm” www.winzip.com/download.htm
To create a zip file using WinZip, just follow these steps:
1. Open WinZip and click on ‘File’ and ‘New Archive’.
2. In the ‘New Archive’ box, choose a folder where you want to save your zip file
3. Choose a name for your zip file and press OK
4. In the ‘Add’ window, browse until you find your ‘articles’ folder and double-click
5. Click on ‘Add with wildcards’
That’s it! Your articles zip file has been created.
Offer your articles zip file for free download in as many places as possible:
on the index page of your website
on your affiliates tool kit page
in the welcome message for your newsletter
in your email mini course
as a bonus gift to your customers
in your sig file
This technique will not only increase sales of your existing affiliates – it will quickly bring you dozens of new affiliates.
Good luck with your articles!
————————————————————Michael Southon has been writing for the Internet for over 3years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use thissimple technique to build a successful online business. Clickhere to find out more: http://ezine-writer.com/————————————————————

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