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Share Windows Mobile as Gps for Laprop Or Bluetooth Device

In this short tutorial i am going to show How to use your windows mobile pocket pc as GPS device for Laptop, Pc or Bluetooth device like ipod touch. At first You need to Download a software named GPSgate from the website below
Download Free GpsGate Client for Windows & download GpsGate Client for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile. Then Follow the rest of the tutorial..
1. Install PPC GPSgate Client. Start it and it will show Gpsgate setup wizard for ppc device. select all check-box tap on ok. It will search and show you a message about your GPS port use that GPS port. In my case it was COM4.On the input tab it will show like the picture below:

Now Tap on Output Tab and select Acrivesync (for sharing gps for pc use) or Bluetooth server (for sharing using bluetooth). Then follow rest of the steps of setup wizard.
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