Some Tools and Utilities for MySQL Tutorial for Beginners Part 3

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Hello everyone welcome to MySQL tutorial for beginners part Three. Before starting MySQL we are going to see some tools and utilities for MySQL.We will these tools for the rest of the MySQL tutorial.

Some Tools and Utilities for MySQL Tutorial

There are many kinds of software available to manage database. We are going to use GUI instead of command-line interface for MySQL Tutorial. We will need the tools below :

1. Notepad++ : Notepad++ is one of the most widely used free source code editor for programming languages. Such as HTML, MySQL,PHP,CSS and lots more.

Notepad++ is windows Application but there is a way to install Notepad++ in MAC OSX. Download links for Notepad++ are bellow:

For Windows Users :
Download Notepad++ For Mac :

2. MySQL : You need to download MySQL Community Server from the link below:
MySQL Community Server :
Here is a Video tutorial that shows how to install MySQl Community Server From Youtube User veratecEN

3.MySQL Workbench: Also You will need MySQL Workbench.Also I added a MySQL Workbench installation Video from YouTube user dheath1174 Download MySQL Workbench from here
An MySQL Workbench installation Video:

4. GUI Tools to write MySQL command: Toad for MySQL improves the productivity of developers and Database administrators. This is a GUI tool for writing commands on MySQL. Toad for MySQL is now for windows. Download Install the software from below:

For Mac OS we are going to use a Tool called sequel Pro. You can download Sequel pro From the link below:

Download Website :

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