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Delete Tracking Cookies To protect your privacy

Do you know that Some websites tracks your searching and browsing habits? Most of the website use Tracking Cookies to get your information. Cookies can track your IP address, the type of browser you are using, and the operating system of your computer.

To delete Cookies you can use online privacy software. You can also delete cookies manually from your web Browser.

For Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet explorer > click on tools > then Click On Internet option..
2. Under the General tab click Delete Cookies button. Then Click Ok.
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Protect Products from Search engine

May be you are thinking why you have to protect your online products from Search engine. Before i heard about search engine tricks. Today i found something something interesting about search engine results.
I was searching a freeware soft for pdf writing and accidentally got a Cached page link. After browsing that page got a shocking result. It took me to an order page where it showed download link for that product. Can you belive that?

It can make your Business Down
Search engine bot can Cache your Product link page. Visitor can get access to Unprotected product page if your page from search engine.Soon you will find that lots of shared copy of your floating around.So what happened? Think about that.
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Tips For Secure web Browsing

Today i was browsing around some websites. I came across one site.. It tried to install an activex on my browser. It Gave Yes and No Option. Then i clicked No And it gave me an error and told me click Ok to exit. After clicking ok it gave me same Yes and No Option. I can’t even close the website Lol 🙂 Well .. i pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete to call windows Task manager And Closed the Browser. I saw some of my clients pc had lots of spyware installed. Even I found Keylogger. Keylogger logs and monitors all activities on the computer. And can sends your private information(like password Bank account Number Etc).

While Browsing some site may tell you to Install Plugin. Some plugin can install spyware n your pc. So be careful while Browsing.
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