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Tips For Secure web Browsing

Today i was browsing around some websites. I came across one site.. It tried to install an activex on my browser. It Gave Yes and No Option. Then i clicked No And it gave me an error and told me click Ok to exit. After clicking ok it gave me same Yes and No Option. I can’t even close the website Lol 🙂 Well .. i pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete to call windows Task manager And Closed the Browser. I saw some of my clients pc had lots of spyware installed. Even I found Keylogger. Keylogger logs and monitors all activities on the computer. And can sends your private information(like password Bank account Number Etc).

While Browsing some site may tell you to Install Plugin. Some plugin can install spyware n your pc. So be careful while Browsing.
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Browse with ip & stay secure

Browse Using ip and stay secure. Some Spyware, Browser Hijackers can redirect someone to a different website. If you use your pc & internet for Online Banking & money transfer etc then always check your browser security. You probably have heard about phishing Web site. If you didn’t heard about this check this links for more info.

Wiki page: Phishing

How to stay secure: Always check ip address of your website. Go to WHOIS Search and search your website. Then scroll down and find IP Address here is a cap
whois Domain
Put that ip in your browser and your browser will redirect you to your searched website. Here is an example :
If you searched for you will get this ip Put this ip in your browser, it will take you to

And More details about that: How can I identify a phishing web site?

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Can’t Right Click on a site

Some sites disabled right click option with Java script. But there is a simple way to enable Right click on those site. All you have to is disable Java script. You can manually set your Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) options to disable Java script.

Firefox User can Use NoScript Add-on to disable JavaScript & Java.

you can find More info here: NoScript 1.3.2

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