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Maximizing Search Experience

Search Engine can help you in different ways. Today i will share  some search engine tips for Maximizing Search Experience:

1. If you’re looking for any word definition. Go to and search then write

define: your word here
You will get a lot of links With definition. You can learn lot of Google tricks like Book Search, Local Search, Music Search, File Types And a lots more from here : Google Search Features

2. Are you looking for any kind of documents for your work? Just go for Scribd. Trust me!! you will get lot more than that. Lots of collection..

3. Search using different Search engine ( Google, yahoo, Alexa ). you will get different results from different search engine. If you are using Internet explorer for browsing web, you should try Firefox. You can Customize Firefox In your way. Thousands of Add-ons can Maximize Your Web Browsing. You can Add / Remove Search engine and More.


4. While browsing sometimes i need to translate Web pages. For Site translation I always use lots of Online Service. Some of them:

I posted some more tips In Google Tips Section. Time to time i shall add more tips. Feel free to give some suggestion.

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Protect Products from Search engine

May be you are thinking why you have to protect your online products from Search engine. Before i heard about search engine tricks. Today i found something something interesting about search engine results.
I was searching a freeware soft for pdf writing and accidentally got a Cached page link. After browsing that page got a shocking result. It took me to an order page where it showed download link for that product. Can you belive that?

It can make your Business Down
Search engine bot can Cache your Product link page. Visitor can get access to Unprotected product page if your page from search engine.Soon you will find that lots of shared copy of your floating around.So what happened? Think about that.
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Always Use Firewall Protection

At first check that you have Antivirus software installed on your computer. Some Antivirus have built-in Firewall protection. But some Antivirus only protect you from virus.

You may think why you need a firewall?

Answer: Antivirus software only protects you from virus. But a Firewall Scans traffic passing through it and denies or permits applications based on rules. Someone can easily connect to your pc and can steal valuable information.

Now Software developers are making Antivirus programs with built-n firewall. For example: Kaspersky Antvirus and kaspersky Internet security is not the same. One without firewall and another with firewall protection. If you brought ony antivirus software then you need a firewall to protect your pc.
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