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Mafia Wars Auto Help cheat code for Facebook

Note: The developer of the script stopped developing this script. Read about new cheat script here: Mafia wars and Farmville wall auto helper.
If you like to play Facebook mafia then you will love this mafia wars cheats. This script will auto help you to do friends jobs, gets free boosts . It can also helps your friends in mafia wars declared wars. It can collect special bonus items and rewards from your Facebook wall.  Now You don’t have to go through all the posts made by your  mafia wars friends. Take a look at the picture i took from the mafia wars cheat script :

Few months ago i shared a scripts which can auto play mafia wars. You can find all the mafia wars cheats on my mafia wars cheats post.

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Farmville Cheats and Tricks for facebook

I was looking for a way to cheat Farmville. I managed to find farmville game cheats and Tricks so that I could plow, plant and harvest faster. You can also use Scrips to automate plow, plant and harvest.

Note & Update: Check latest cheats and autoplay tools for farmville. If you play mafia wars check here for  Mafia wars cheats and auto player.

Plow, plant and harvest faster on Farmville : Few days ago one of my friend sent me a trick to plow, plant and harvest faster. I know its so boring to plow and plant … specially when you have a big farm. Your character moves slowly while clicking. So here what you need to do for saving  your time..

1. After loading Farmville on facebook don’t move your character.

2. Buy six hay bales and block your character like this picture.

Farmville Cheats for facebook

3. Now plant faster without moving you character…

Save your time and have fun with this little trick.

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Trick to win every fight on Mafia Wars Facebook

Do you know how to win every fight on Mafia wars game on Facebook? – lots of users have asked me this question. I always said there is no cheat to win every fight on mafia wars .  But there is a way to win every fight on mafia wars. I am going to explain it here… So follow the steps and have fun .. By the way here are some other cheats for mafia wars.

Top Mafia wars Cheat Tools

First Step – Get lots of mafia wars friends : Make sure that you have about thousands of mafia wars members ( this is important!!). The more members you have … the better result you will get. I have about 3000 mafia wars members on my account. If you need mafia wars members quickly..This will help you get more members. to avoid spam add a second email address to your account then submit that email. I got around 1500 members in a week.

use this link :

Update : Monkey Tooth is down for some reason .. use the alternate link…
Here is a screenshot from Monkey tooth :

Add Friend mafiawars

Add you e-mail address and activate it from your inbox. Also copy paste the email list to invite as friend for mafia wars.

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