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Customize Xp Start menu as you like

Do you want to customize your windows xp start menu in your way? xp makes it easy to for you. You don’t have to go through registry settings for that. You can do it with few clicks. You can add / remove & change settings for start menu using this simple steps:

1. At first Right click on Taskbar and click on properties Or Go to control panel and click on Taskbar and Start Menu

It will open a window named Taskbar and Start Menu properties like this picture.

2. You will see some options there. Check mark or Remove check mark the options to enable and disable.
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Always Use Firewall Protection

At first check that you have Antivirus software installed on your computer. Some Antivirus have built-in Firewall protection. But some Antivirus only protect you from virus.

You may think why you need a firewall?

Answer: Antivirus software only protects you from virus. But a Firewall Scans traffic passing through it and denies or permits applications based on rules. Someone can easily connect to your pc and can steal valuable information.

Now Software developers are making Antivirus programs with built-n firewall. For example: Kaspersky Antvirus and kaspersky Internet security is not the same. One without firewall and another with firewall protection. If you brought ony antivirus software then you need a firewall to protect your pc.
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Tips For Secure web Browsing

Today i was browsing around some websites. I came across one site.. It tried to install an activex on my browser. It Gave Yes and No Option. Then i clicked No And it gave me an error and told me click Ok to exit. After clicking ok it gave me same Yes and No Option. I can’t even close the website Lol 🙂 Well .. i pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete to call windows Task manager And Closed the Browser. I saw some of my clients pc had lots of spyware installed. Even I found Keylogger. Keylogger logs and monitors all activities on the computer. And can sends your private information(like password Bank account Number Etc).

While Browsing some site may tell you to Install Plugin. Some plugin can install spyware n your pc. So be careful while Browsing.
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