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Http Client server application GET/POST in Java Example

This tutorial will cover a Http Client server application GET/POST in Java Example. The goal of this tutorial is to create a GUI application that connects to web and shows addition of two numbers. This is tutorial part one for creating the server side application. Part one will cover the web application. Next part will show the GUI creation. and In this tutorial, I am using NetBeans IDE and Glassfish Server. Focus of this application are following:

  • Create Web application that can add two numbers
  • Create Java application that can take input from webserver


First part is to create Web server application for our client server application. Create a new web application from File > New Project > Java Web and select Web application. Then click Next and type in Project name.

Now Click Next and select Glassfish Server and click finish

You will see that a new web application project have been created. Do a right-click on the project and click on run. You will see that your configured browser have started a localhost link using Glassfish Server. My application is showing http://localhost:8080/ClientServerWeb/  according to above project settings. If the server started and localhost url is showing demo web page, then we are in right track. Next step is to start coding out server side application that can return addition of two number using http.
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Reset Bitdefender settings password following easy steps

It is easy to reset Bitdefender settings password using Bitdefender product password reset tool. One of my friend installed Bitdefender Total security 2017 and added password to protect setting of the product. But he forgot the password and was not able to change any settings without the password.

Reset Bitdefender settings password

I was trying to find a solution for him on Google but didn’t find any straight answer to reset setting password of Bitdefender. After spending some time I have found that Bitdefender provided a command line utility to reset password settings. If you forgot your Bitdefender settings password or product password, please follow rest of the tutorials to know how to reset Bitdefender settings password.
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Windows 10 safe mode in few easy steps

If you have recently upgraded your computer Operating system to Windows 10 and looking for a way to start windows 10 safe mode, here is a easy way to do that.

Windows safe mode can be used for fixing a corrupted or malware infected system. The purpose of safe mode is to troubleshoot problem within the operating system. Also problem related to other software interface can be solved. For example I forgot password for antivirus software. My antivirus company provided a tool which can run in safe mode and reset password.  So it is very important to know what you are trying to accomplish in safe mode. Or you might break your system completely. Please follow the steps below to start windows 10 in safe mode.

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