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Free Unlock Tools and tricks for samsung Omnia i780 and i900

Recently  i found some tricks and tools to unlock  samsung Omnia i780 and i900. Thanks to _TB_TB_ on Xda developers for sharing the Unlocking tools and tricks for samsung Omnia. This Unlock tool works on i780 and Omnia. Here are the methods for unlocking Samsung Omnia :


Using Tools:

1. At first download the Unlocking tool from this Link

Free Unlock Tools and tricks for samsung Omnia i780 and i900 (225)

2. Then extract the zip file and copy all three .lnk files to your Pocket pc.

3. Now browse the directory on your pocket pc and run Lock.lnk .

4. Now you have to find the MCC/MNC from this list wiki Link Mobile Network Code. Enter valid MCC/MNC of your carrier. He used his “real” SIMLock carrier ID 26001 for Poland, Plus.

5. As NCK, enter 12345678 . Tap OK and it should tell that SIMLock enabled.

6. Then run Status.lnk to see if its locked. And run Unlock.lnk

7. Now enter code entered in step 5 (12345678)

Now you unlocked your Omnia. So have fun with this little tool.

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How to test dead pixels in Samsung Omnia

omniaIf you want to test dead pixels before buying any Samsung Omnia you can do that test without installing any software. No need to install anything for Samsung Omnia.

You can find dead pixels in two ways.
First Method:
On your device go to windows directory and find LCDTest.exe. Then run LCDTest.exe, you will find out the result.
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Change ringtones location in Samsung Omnia

If you want to change the location of Samsung Omnia ringtones, you have to edit a registry entry on your device. If you don’t have a registry editor check my list of Some Must Have Freeware For Pocket pc.Now follow this steps to change the ringtones location on samsung omnia.

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