How to get free Apps – Apps to get free Apps

There are some App to get free Apps apps from app store. You can get free iPad apps and get free iPhone apps . I get free apps from app store when there is a special promotion starts. Every day some Apps shows hundreds paid apps that goes free on the App Store. Some apps also shows latest price drops on App store.


Today i am going to add some of the best app to find free apps. We will add and Update the list if we find more useful apps. Also let us about some great Apps using our  Contact Page. We will add in the list.

1. AppGratis : This is one of the best app that provides one free App Everyday. Some Apps like Shift 2 Unleashed ,Rayman, Snapseed, Whatsapp. Rhave gone free in the past.

Free App Daily

You can download the App From here: AppGratis

2. Appsfire (Free): This App is one of the 10 must have apps recommended by – CNET (2013). Also one of the best app that lists great apps that goes free for limited time.


Download the AppsFire from here: AppsFire

3. AppTicker : Here is one of my personal favorite. This app finds hundreds of price drops and free apps on the App Store. Lots of features. You can short the result in different way.
Get Free Apps

Download The App From Here: AppTicker

Have Fun …

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MySQL Naming Guidelines -MySQL Tutorial Part 5

In this Tutorial will learn  about MySQL table and column Naming Guidelines for database Objects. This is also known as MySQL naming convention or MySQL naming standards. In my last post MySql Tutorial for Beginners Part 4 – CREATE Statement i wrote a little about Create statement and Naming standards for MySQL. One of the reader asked me if i can write little more about MySQL Naming Guidelines. So here we go…

MySQL Tutorial for beginners

MySQL Naming Guidelines -MySQL Tutorial Part 5

Here are some rules and guidelines to follow while coding MySQL for Standards and Naming Conventions:
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MySql Tutorial for Beginners Part 4 – CREATE Statement MySql

Welcome to MySQL Tutorial for Beginners part 4. Today we will create a database. And Create some Data.We are going to start using MySQL commands. Before we start we need to have some sort of Data.We are going to create some sample data. By now you should have required Software and Utilities for MySQL Installed on your PC. If not check earlier MySQL Tutorial for Beginners part 3.

MySQL Tutorial for beginners

MySQL Tutorial for beginners

Start MySQL Community Server,Toad or Sequel Pro on you computer. Then we are going to create a new connection to database server. Follow the steps below:

Connecting Toad to MySQL community server:
For Toad go to File > New > Connection. Then you will see a new connection window like the picture below.
Toad New Connection

From the Connection Type select TCP. You can select connection type such as TCP, SSL, SSH, HTTP Tunnel . We will use TCP connection.

Here are the information to make new connection using Toad for MySQL.
Connection Type: TCP
Host :  localhost
User :  root
Password: Type in your Password
Database: test

If you want to save the connection fill out the details at the bottom of the window.
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