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Customize Xp Start menu as you like

Do you want to customize your windows xp start menu in your way? xp makes it easy to for you. You don’t have to go through registry settings for that. You can do it with few clicks. You can add / remove & change settings for start menu using this simple steps:

1. At first Right click on Taskbar and click on properties Or Go to control panel and click on Taskbar and Start Menu

It will open a window named Taskbar and Start Menu properties like this picture.

2. You will see some options there. Check mark or Remove check mark the options to enable and disable.
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Disable system Restore to Save disk space

System restore saves file every time you install a new game, application, or software update. It takes a lot of disk space. If you think you want to save your disk space you can disable it in a simple way.

Follow this simple steps..

1. Right click on My Computer and click Properties.
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Windows-XP Activated or not

How To Check If Windows XP Is Activated ? Follow the steps bellow

1. Go to Start > Run.

2. Type: oobe/msoobe /a

Then Click OK. You Will Get The Answer.

Hopefully It Says Activated..

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